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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Citing Funding Woes, Feds Cancel Plans For New FBI Headquarters

After months of lobbying by Maryland and local officials to be the new consolidated home of the FBI, the federal government is putting the kibosh on the project.

The federal government is canceling the decade-long project.

The General Services Agency said does not have enough money to move forward with the plans. The Obama administration had sought $1.4 billion for the project, but Congress left it underfunded by about $882 million. The Washington Post first reported the news Monday evening

“Moving forward without full funding puts the government at risk for cost escalations” and a reduction in the value of the current property, the GSA said in a statement. “The cancellation of the project does not lessen the need for a new FBI headquarters. GSA and FBI will continue to work together to address the space requirements of the FBI.”

Greenbelt and Landover, both in Prince George's County, were candidates for the new site, as was Springfield, Va. Prior to this week, the GSA was waiting on the rest of the funding to be secured before making its selection official.



Anonymous said...

Probably because Maryland's government is so opposed to President Trump

Rebel Without a Clue said...

As well as James Comey's brother having been given the bid to build the new HQ!

Anonymous said...

VA has a Clinton crime family governor so it's safe to say MD would be viewed as friendlier turf to the President. But MD has it's goofy legislature and 2 useless US Senators, plus our unhinged Attorney General as deficits.

The Comey brother wrinkle mentioned yesterday might also come into play since Comey's actions and reputation continue to unravel.

A new FBI Director has been nominated; after his confirmation, it may be time for a fresh look at the bureau's needs and the landscape.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real world. Most of us have had to put off making a major purchase since wages have been stagnant.

Anonymous said...

Wait a couple more years when the Silver Line METRO to Dulles is complete, plenty of land in Loudoun County!

Anonymous said...

PG County and FBI....doesn't ring well with criminals!

Anonymous said...

Many are not aware of an underlying motive for a new FBI bldg. While the current bldg was being planned, Bell Atlantic convinced them to select a CENTREX phone system from them. As VoIP (and ATM) systems were coming to market, FBI realized just how expensive their CENTREX system was and they asked Bell to cancel their contract. Unfortunately, ALL the copper wire in the Hoover bldg was owned by Bell and FBI would need to pay Bell to use it. Back then, management concluded that it was cheaper to move than rip out all of that copper wire. There was also a little bit of ego involved.

That leads us to where the FBI is today on the issue.

Anonymous said...

What The FBI wanted was a facility on a site similar to what the NSA has at Fort Meade with the all or most of conveniences they have at their Pennsylvanian Avenue headquarters in DC. None of the three prospective sites met most or all of those requirements.