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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Pot growers convicted on fed count in state where it's legal

SPOKANE, Wash. — Three people were found guilty Tuesday of growing marijuana, but they also were exonerated of more serious charges in a widely-watched federal drug case in a state where medical and recreational marijuana is legal.

The three remaining defendants of the so-called Kettle Falls Five were all found guilty of growing marijuana. But a jury found them not guilty of distributing marijuana, conspiracy to distribute and firearms charges that carried long prison sentences.

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Rice set sentencing for June 10.

The defendants were Rhonda Firestack-Harvey, her son Rolland Gregg and his wife, Michelle Gregg.

Firestack-Harvey wiped away tears as she declared victory in the case.

"The truth comes out," she said, noting that the defendants were growing marijuana for medical purposes and had cards permitting that use. "We would have loved to be exonerated of all charges."

However, there was no doubt that federal drug agents found marijuana plants growing on their property near Kettle Falls, she said.



Phronesis said...

Please, Feds, a little discretion!

Anonymous said...

Never will that be 2:27PM

It is all about money... and they get paid for you to be in jail as well so keep that in mind when you all ask why do people get locked up for small petty crimes...

Anonymous said...

Yep big pharma,cartels, and mafia dont want it and they have allot of sway in DC

Anonymous said...

Overreach. Period. If the state is OK with it, doesn't Uncle Sam have something more pressing to attend to? ISIS? Terrorist cells on our soil? Illegal aliens? Oh, wait, that's right, they're not too concerned about them. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

The govt does not like competition.