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Thursday, March 05, 2015

DID YOU KNOW? Convicted CHILD MOLESTERS Are Getting Lifetime Pensions And You Are Paying For It

Wow.. really? Even if you are a convicted felon you are still entitled to your money.

According to this, public employees in Washington get taxpayer guaranteed retirements EVEN IF they are convicted criminals. Awesome huh?

And it gets worse. Teachers in that state can earn the right to LIFETIME RETIREMENT benefits for working for only five years.

The sourcelink news station asked the state for a list of all of the teachers who’ve had their teaching licenses revoked to see what their pension plans looked like, and it turns out 22 teachers, most of which had been convicted of crimes AGAINST KIDS, have received $5.1 million in taxpayer retirement benefits as of the end of 2014.



Anonymous said...

This is job security for the corrupt correctional facilities. There plans are to keep jails and prisons full. What you have hear is a buddy buddy system with the courts

Anonymous said...

It isn't the correctional facilities that are corrupt, it is the lawyers and judges who send them to the correctional facilities. Or, if the price is right, they don't send them to the prisons.
Lawyers and judges are the only ones who profit off of the system.

Anonymous said...

I speaking of the private owners that own and profit from the system. The corrections dept. is their big Farm ., In fact the whole Damn judicial system is corrupt.