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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Most Embarrassing Dads

Most Embarrassing Dads
Costume-Wearing Dad

And you thought your dad’s old acid-washed jeans were embarrassing. Ha. Dale Price, a dad of three from Utah, thought it would be fun to embarrass his 16-year-old son, Rain, on the first day of school last year. So he dressed up in a costume and waved as the Rain boarded the bus. Later, when dad overheard his son saying to his wife, “Mom, don’t let dad go out there again,” Price rose to the challenge. He spent the 180 school days in different costumes waving Rain off on the bus. From Wonder Woman and Michael Jackson to Raggedy Andy, he dressed up, much to his son’s dismay, although eventually Rain grew to be entertained by his dad. “Everybody else on the bus learned to like it a lot sooner than I did,” his son said. “It wasn't their dad dressing up like a fool.”



Anonymous said...

One day that boy will worship his dad for this.

Until then...

Anonymous said...

Love it. Don't you wish that more people had fun with life?

Anonymous said...

#1 on my list... Mr. Joe Albero
Could you even imagine that!