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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Is there a Maryland sniper? Police search for car linked to shootings

Authorities have arrested a gunman suspected of randomly opening fire on five public places in Maryland over the past week, in attacks that left two injured.

What appears to be the same blue car had been linked to the attacks in which a gunman opened fire on a driver at a mall, a Walmart, a movie theater, a truck on a highway and headquarters of the NSA over the last seven days.

If the same gunman is behind all the attacks, it would be a case with chilling similarities to the DC Sniper attacks of 2002 when John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo killed ten people with gunfire from a hidden firing spot in the back of their blue Chevrolet sedan.

Early morning reports on Wednesday revealed that a suspect was in custody who was believed to be involved in the shootings that occurred since last Tuesday in the Baltimore-Washington metro area, according to the Washington Post.

Lt. Kevin Ayd, a spokesman for the Maryland Transportation Authority Police told the Baltimore Sun of the five shootings: 'They're looking into whether these are linked together.'

So far, only two dump truck workers have been hurt in the attacks - they suffered only minor injuries when the gunfire shattered the windshield of their vehicle and by a bullet fragment.



Anonymous said...

I thought the FBI made an arrest in this case yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Good thing he's not a very good "sniper".

Anonymous said...

I was living on the western shore when the DC sniper was active. We were down by Lex Park and the sniper was operating mostly NW and SW Suburbs. Still, in the time he was active, I remember very often wondering while filling my tank, whether that would be the last thing I would do.

People that do that sort of crime should have their scrotums removed with a spoon. "Why a spoon, cousin?" Because it hurts more you twit.

With apologies to Alan Rickman

Anonymous said...

The news reported that he has been captured and is an asian male going through a divorce. Just another mentally unstable person.

Anonymous said...

THATS IT confiscate all the guns and out law the ammo, guns kill people everybody knows that.

Anonymous said...

He was no sniper. He was using a small semiautomatic pistol

Anonymous said...

If this man did not own a gun he would have found an equally violent way to express his illness. The man in Korea used a dinner knife. We cannot take all the knives away can we?? Please don't take my steak knives away you in your pursuit to demonize weapons. Can we say Hitler boys and girls????

Anonymous said...

9:13 NO. How about this... families start taking responsibility when they have a mentally ill relative. They just let them go until they screw up so bad that something like this happens. It should NOT be a burden on the Government and taxpayers. They should start holding the entire family responsible when these nuts go on a terror attack. Maybe then they will get it that we don't need THEIR problems running around. Pay to have them locked up, lock them up yourself or look into euthanasia.