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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Eagle covered with snow up to her beak as she protects eggs in storm

WASHINGTON — No one likes cold eggs. Not even the United States’ national bird.

The Bald Eagle Live Stream in Havover, Pennsylvania captured an amazing sight Thursday, March 5 as a bald eagle became covered with snow as she refused to leave her nest. Inside the nest were two eggs.

Despite being so covered with snow that only her head and the tip of her tail remained exposed, the bald eagle continued to protect her eggs as snow fell. Occasionally, as her beak becomes covered, she’ll move her head for room. But other than that, the eagle doesn’t move.


Anonymous said...

Most moms totally get this :)

Anonymous said...

"Most" being the key word 3:17. And then there are the degenerates.

Anonymous said...

3:17 just the good ones. The rest would just be bitching the government wasn't doing it

Anonymous said...

We should all be proud that is our national bird.

Anonymous said...

Bald Eagles are majestic creatures that protect their family and freedom whatever the cost. Too bad our government is sacrificing this creature just like we have sacrificed our liberties for a government agenda.

Steve said...

That;s just plain cool. With the snow as insulation,That is a really warm, cozy nest. I'm sure Hubby is out hunting food to keep the heat on!

God knows what He's doing!