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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Kristol: It's 'Grownup' Bibi vs. 'Cartoon' Obama

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a "grown-up speech" to Congress on Tuesday — in dramatic contrast to the cartoonish way President Barack Obama speaks on issues, says Bill Kristol, founder and editor of The Weekly Standard.

"It was really moving I would say … Netanyahu spoke as both the prime minister of Israel and on behalf of the Jewish people, but obviously as really the leader of the West," Kristol said Wednesday on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

"He tried to tell Americans that they have to step up and be serious about the world, which unfortunately, our president doesn't seem to want to do.

"I was proud of Netanyahu and it was both a moving and an amazing experience.... He gave a grownup speech."

He said Netanyahu's no-nonsense talk about the dangers of a nuclear deal with Iran was in stark contrast how Obama "argues about anything or doesn't argue about anything,"

"It's just cartoons with Obama. One or two-sentence sound bites and that's it," Kristol said.

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Anonymous said...

Netanyahu spoke ... but obviously as really the leader of the West," Kristol said

"Netanyahu went out of his way to stress the Jewish people now have a state, they can defend themselves and are proud to defend themselves," he said.

Both of these statements are jokes. Why should we not just stop sending aid to the great leader of the West and his haughty county and let him defend Israel and us on his own.

Kristol is full of hot air. But, hey, it gets him attention.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not Obama is President, not Bibi. I pay taxes to defend this country. Not to defend someone elses country, which is only violent because they bulldoze entire occupied communities and shoot children for throwing stones. If you are a US citizen who is so allegiant to Israel that you want to send this country's children into danger, you need to move, because you obviously have more love for another country than the one in which you're living. They have enough money and equipment to fight their own battles. It's a shame that our politicians treat our military as Israel's attack dog to stay in good standing with AIPAC. Lets not forget the attempted sinking of a US ship to try to start a war with Egypt, or the Israeli agents in the surveillance truck on 9/11 that was "disappeared" from MS news media. Since it was the United States that INVENTED Israel Bibi out to show a little more respect and humility!