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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Derick Dillard tries to run over a cat with his sled while Duggar family cheers

Cruelty to animals?

"19 Kids and Counting" star Derick Dillard is catching some flack over an Instagram video he recently posted, which shows the 25-year-old reality star intentionally trying to run over a cat in the snow with a cookie sheet sled.

"Move, cat," Dillard says in the video, before being pushed directly into the cat by who appears to behis brother-in-law Ben Seewald. Members of the Duggar family are heard loudly laughing, as Dillard nearly collides with the cat before it leaps away.

"Sledding with friends and family at the Duggar home. #smallestsled," he captioned the video. However, his 35-week pregnant wife Jill was not present.

Not surprisingly, plenty of people aren't as amused with the video as the Duggars.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It says he was forced towards the cat. They try to dig up everything they can on this family. This is not news and just a way for the media to try to dis them once again.

Claudia Balzac said...

It his responsibility to be sure no animals or children are in the way.

Anonymous said...

Animal nuts are over exaggerating to get fools all rung up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the animal wasn't in the way when he started down the hill. Have you ever try to stop going down a hill when sledding? It is your responsibility to not assume until you know the facts.