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Friday, November 25, 2016

Record Year For Boating Fatalities In Maryland

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Three men have lost their lives on the water in less than a week, making this year one, of the most deadly for Maryland boaters.

The latest deaths came when winds suddenly picked up from a cold front. The deadliest single boating incident this year in Maryland unfolded last Saturday during a fishing tournament, amid four-foot waves, and wind gusts above 40-miles-an-hour.

A lone survivor was clinging to the hull, bringing the total number of deaths this year to 17.

“You try to make it in. You try to be careful, but in the course of what happened, it probably got dark on them too,” said boater Curt Jordan.



Anonymous said...

For decades, nothing good comes from recreational boating in the dark!

Anonymous said...

There are no real regulations for boating. There should be licenses for everything from wave-runners to yachts. Just like vehicles - different class license for each classification of vessel.