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Friday, November 25, 2016

Sugar Beets – A Reliable Source of Biofuel?

PRINCESS ANNE — A team of researchers that includes UMES agriculture, food and resource sciences professors is scratching the surface of a new frontier searching for alternatives to fossil fuels that power combustion engines.

Actually, that frontier is eight-to-12 inches below the surface of a fifth of an acre in the shadow of the university’s solar panel energy grid on the east side of campus.

Jurgen Schwarz, chairman of the university’s Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Sciences, and colleagues Arthur Allen and Caleb Nindo are working with a consortium of private-sector partners focused on finding new sources of biofuels by planting sugar beets.

“Energy beets,” Schwarz likes to call them.

Early findings show the beets appear capable of producing two-to-three times more ethanol than a comparable amount of corn, which heretofore has been the primary source of the alternative fuel..

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Anonymous said...

You would think these idiots would learn from the corn fiasco. Food is NOT fuel. Leave it alone!

Anonymous said...

Sugar beets are a reliable source of goodness on my dinner table

Anonymous said...

It is food.

Leave it alone.
Leave corn alone.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather they use beets than corn.

Anonymous said...

Which Fed gov't agency squashed the invention that had water running an engine? (no not steam either) It would crush the car industry as well as shut down the world economy..... Earth is 75% water...


Anonymous said...

Feed the people first. Do what you want with the excess.