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Friday, November 25, 2016

President-Elect Trump Called Family of Slain Texas Cop

President-Elect Donald Trump reportedly paused to call the family of assassinated San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi on Monday.

Dane Gregory Marconi posted a message on his Facebook page saying he had received a phone call of condolence from President-Elect Trump, according to News4SanAntonio. The San Antonio NBC affiliate reported the post was shared by a woman on Facebook who identified herself as a San Antonio Police Crime Scene Investigator, Annie Patterson Campos, shared the message on her page. The post has since been removed, the NBC affiliate stated.

“Just got off the phone with the future president Trump, he sends his condolences to our family,” Marconi’s son reportedly posted. The post reportedly had 500 shares and hundreds of likes before being taken down.



Zorro said...

Shows leadership....that Gay Obama does not have.

Steve said...

God bless Donald Trump. I look forward to working with him the next 8 years!

Anonymous said...

Did Obama call the shooter and cordially invite him to the white house yet? It would not surprise me, he has proven to me who is allies are!

Anonymous said...

big difference between first class and no class. trump is first class