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Friday, November 25, 2016

Did anxiety from heroin push these 2 people to their deaths?

DOVER, Del. (AP) — Brandon Jones and Chelsea Porter had been on the run from Delaware police for a week when they heard a knock on the motel room door in Elkton, Maryland, where they were holed up.

It was mid-morning Oct. 25, and Maryland State Police had arrived to serve Brandon with a Delaware warrant for his arrest on drugs, weapons and terroristic threatening charges. Brandon pulled back the curtain to see who had knocked, but before he snatched it closed officers saw him reach for a weapon.

The troopers backed off. But within seconds a phalanx of officers had long rifles trained on Brandon’s and Chelsea’s room, which was fronted by an outside walkway that spans the length of the building.

As officers called for the couple to peacefully surrender, 25-year-old Brandon scratched out a letter on a sheet of notebook paper to family members, lamenting his decisions in life and that he never got a chance to meet his potential. Then he stuffed a BB gun into his waistband and went out onto the walkway, where officers had a clear shot.



Anonymous said...

There were some poor choices made early on, and they didn't improve along the way.

Anonymous said...

is anxiety the new politically correct word for addiction?

Anonymous said...

I read the story so sad but no excuse they chose this path.