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Friday, November 25, 2016

Number of illegals in detention surges 20 percent as DHS vows to deport Haitians

Homeland Security is holding some 41,000 illegal immigrants in detention right now, the department said Wednesday, as agents struggle to get control of a new surge across the border — including a wave of Haitian migrants that is testing the limits of immigration policy.

Usually the government only contracts for about 34,000 detention beds, so surpassing 40,000 is a staggering number and signals the difficulties immigration agents are facing at the border as Central American children and families, and now Haitians, try to gain a foothold.

Secretary Jeh Johnson said he’s asked for even more bed space, saying that holding onto illegal immigrants, rather than catching and releasing them, makes it more likely they can quickly be deported.

“We must enforce the immigration laws consistent with our priorities,” he said. “Those who attempt to enter our country illegally must know that, consistent with our laws and our values, we must and we will send you back.”

Mr. Johnson also said deportation flights back to Haiti have resumed in full. They had been largely put on hold since the 2010 earthquake that devastated that country. Flights resumed earlier this fall, only to be suspended again after Hurricane Matthew.

Haitians who fled that county to South America after the earthquake have suddenly begun to flow north, hoping to get into the U.S., in recent months.

The intelligence analysis said a stronger show of force by U.S. officials vowing to deport Haitians could discourage new migrants from attempting the journey.



Anonymous said...

What they're saying and what they're doing are two different things.

When people come across the border illegally, they should be held THERE till they can be deported.

Just bring in more tents or whatever.

Then bring in the C-130s and take them home.

Anonymous said...

And this expense is being paid for by us. Thanks a lot Obama.

Anonymous said...

Ok. So we deport 10,000 Haitians and Obama imports 10,000 Muslims. We taxpayers just can't win. Obama is still trying to destroy America.

Steve said...

No way 40,000 people are being flown to Haiti. Read all the words in this article, and you will understand nothing is being done about an overwhelming problem in a totally incompetent Agency.

THAT'S what the article says, and nothing else.