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Friday, November 25, 2016

State To OC: Route 90 Project ‘On The Radar’

OCEAN CITY — Ocean City officials continue to push for a future dualization of Route 90, but it appears funding and the project’s position on the State Highway Administration (SHA) pecking order for Worcester County continues to be a challenge.

Last Tuesday, SHA officials briefed the Mayor and Council on a variety of projects in various stages of the planning pipeline in and around the resort area and inevitably the discussion came around to the proposed future dualization of Route 90. For years, Ocean City officials have expressed their desire to see Route 90 prioritized and be considered the county’s priority after Route 113’s dualization is completed.

Last year, the Mayor and Council sent a letter to SHA asking that Route 90 be moved up on the priority list for major highway projects in Worcester County. This summer, two simultaneous incidents essentially shut down both Route 50 and Route 90 at the same time, which served to emphasize the need to expedite the Route 90 dualization.



Anonymous said...

On the Radar too should be the Route 50 antique bridge. Dual bridges for route 90 would also require dual lanes from route 50 forward to coastal highway and THATS a lot of work! Not to mention the interchange redo's at 113 and 589. Big $$$$, which will also be the case for the replacement route 50 bridge.

Anonymous said...

There is no way the Police can control the speed and erratic driving of these idiots now, so they want to multiply the problem. This is no way condemning the State Police. They do they best they can. Put out the speed cameras and traffic cameras to record erratic driving. With the ticket having triple fines attached. This will assist the Police and should increase safety. In this day and time have Police stationed where they merge on 50 flagging them over or have the ticket in the mail. I personally do not travel 50 in the summer because of these erratic aggressive drivers.