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Friday, November 25, 2016

Recount request, lawsuit add uncertainty in North Carolina governor's race

RALEIGH, N.C. – North Carolina's still-undecided governor's race could be drawn out further by a lawsuit that contends the state can't finish counting votes until it verifies the residency of thousands who used same-day registration.

A lawsuit filed Monday by the conservative-leaning Civitas Institute asks a federal court to require that the state Board of Elections refrain from certifying election results until it has finished verifying same-day registrants. It argues verification can't properly be finished until December.

The lawsuit revives a key argument from previous litigation over voter-access measures. A federal appeals court restored same-day registration earlier this year when it struck down parts of a wide-ranging elections law passed by the state's GOP-controlled legislature.

Also on Tuesday, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory began the process of asking for a recount even though votes are still being counted statewide.



Anonymous said...

It's the perfect storm that may just trigger voter I.D. to be a prerequisite to voting! Voting is only the right of the Citizenry, and needs to be reserved to them alone. Those who refuse to preregister and obtain proper I.D. should be deprived of the right to vote.

Vetting everyone after the fact only leads to revolt and charges of malfeasance.

JoeAlbero said...

6:12, I firmly believe we need to make some immediate changes in out voting process. My recommendations would be as follows.

We need to purge voter registration lists immediately across the country.

We need to force every voter to show their drivers license, period. You need to prove you are who you claim to be.

I also believe Trump was not only the perfect storm when it came to popularity, I also believe he may be the last person to ever be in a position whereas he can force these changes.

Our government is extremely crooked. Politicians go into their elected positions with minimal bank accounts and instantly become millionaires. Trump has proven, (by not accepting a salary) that he is in it for the betterment of our country. I'm not suggesting politicians not make any money for what they do. I simply feel they should be held accountable in some way any time the person we elect bows down to a special interest.

Finally, we can easily eliminate voter fraud. Liberals love to continue with the system we have because they love to cheat. Why not simply show ID and stop it? Americans are too stupid, that's why. We used to be the smartest country on earth. Now we've proven to be the dumbest.

Anonymous said...

I live in western PA and have noticed a pattern for the last five election cycles. For about a month before the election there are all kinds of out of state people living in the area. As soon as the election is over, they're gone.
My suspicion is that they vote absentee in they're home state and vote as a resident in PA

Anonymous said...

8:17 that is why the Dems want more early voting and no id required. You don't even have to vote absentee. You can vote in one place on monday registered using some dead persons name, vote in another place on tuesday using another name, again on wednesday etc. and then finally vote in your real district as yourself on election day tuesday. No one will ever know.