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Friday, November 25, 2016

Second School-Based Wellness Center Opens In Wicomico

SALISBURY – The Wicomico County Board of Education has partnered with the public school system and the health department to establish a wellness center at Wicomico High School.

The center, which opened late last week, provides students access to health care and mental health counseling, according to the health department’s Program Manager Tracey Age.

“Hopefully, one of the goals is to connect them with a primary care physician and teach them healthy lifestyle behaviors that will benefit them as adults,” she said.

The center, funded through a grant from the Maryland Community Health Resources Commission (MCHRC), will allow students the opportunity to meet with nurse practitioners and social workers to assess their physical and mental needs.



Anonymous said...

It's a crying room for Clinton supporters. All the teachers needed it!

Anonymous said...

Here's a viable suggestion: why not have ALL basic pediatric, dental and vision care done at the schools. We can have nurses, PA's, training residents, etc. on staff at a place where the kids are and don't have to take off to visit a doctor and parents don't have to take off a full day for the same. We can contract with local pediatricians, to rotate through each month. How efficient might that be???

Anonymous said...

WOW 7:07 lets just give the government complete control of our lives. Isn't that what this is, these are now state employees sticking their noses into you and your childrens business. Wait and watch. Now your children will be "vaccinated" without your consent. They will be handing out birth control like tic tac's and helping them get abortions.

Give it time.

But hey according to you, it would take the burden off you to have to properly take care of YOUR own child and put it on us. Is that because you don't want to pay the bill and expect the taxpayers to cough it up?!

I am sure the local pediatricians have their own successful practices and don't need to be forced to be on a rotating schedule catering to people who don't want to pay a bill.

Anonymous said...

"grant from the Maryland Community Health Resources Commission (MCHRC)"

Definition - Taxpayer money

More welfare benefits.

Anonymous said...

Gimme gimme gimme free free free on the taxpayer dime! Now the state will automatically have rights to your childs medical records. whoo eee !

Anonymous said...

7:07 as long as you are not inconvenienced. Who cares if it inconveniences others.

Anonymous said...

NO MORE GIMMIES and FREEBIES...period. I'm totally sick of the government in MY private life. Anyone who approves of this should be ashamed. We are supposed to be a 'free' nation and a 'free' can you be free when you are so dependent on the government??? duh