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Friday, November 25, 2016

Mainstream Media Execs, Anchors Spotted Going For "Off The Record" Meeting With Donald Trump

Update 2: According to CNN, on the subject of media access to Trump, a source said there was "real progress" made during the meeting with TV execs.
* * *
Update: around 2:15pm Eastern, the execs have been spotted departing from the meeting:
Here are the TV execs and anchors who have entered the elevators at Trump Tower to go to an off-the-record meeting with the president-elect
They're now departing, a little more than an hour after the meeting was scheduled to start.
* * *

Bloomberg political reporter Jennifer Epstein reports that a gaggle of mainstream media TV executives and anchors entered the Trump Tower elevators shortly before 1pm for a meeting with Donald Trump. Among those named were the who-is-who of the prime time news circuit, including the following.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he fired them all! LOL!