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Friday, November 25, 2016

32 Times Establishment Media and Pollsters Assured the People of Donald Trump’s Defeat

From the time Donald Trump announced his White House bid, there has been no shortage of establishment media outlets predicting his defeat.

Indeed, as the weeks and months marked Trump’s ever-apparent political preeminence, the pundits, pollsters, and prognosticators doubted and declared his collapse inevitable.

Even as Trump, a real estate mogul-turned-reality TV star, clinched the Republican presidential nomination, the affirmations of his failure kept coming.

The very establishment media and pollsters who benefitted from Trump’s celebrity before branding him leader of a deplorable political base will stand against his governance.

In fact, now that Trump — who received a single newspaper endorsement and defied every law of modern politics, winning states Republicans have not conquered in decades — has won the presidency, it’s worth noting the many establishment media organs and pollsters who said he would not win.

1. The New York Times: “Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee.”

“Despite all the evidence that fortune favors him, Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee,” wrote Ross Douthat.

2. The Washington Post: “Let’s dispense with the notion that Trump has a real shot at winning in November.”

“To borrow a phrase from one of the men trailing Trump: Let’s dispense with the notion that Trump has a real shot at winning in November,” wrote Post digital opinions editor James Downie.

There's 30 more examples here

[And what have we learned from this? New 'torpedo' polls are still being published every day. Will they work? --Editor]


Anonymous said...

Ignorant professional fools, all of them.

Anonymous said...

That's a very short list.

Anonymous said...

they are not ignorant.
They have bosses. You know?
They read the scripts which are written for them.

Wake up folks.
Our entire society is being "managed" by the elite who own the media.

Anonymous said...

Now we know who to believe: our local neighbors! We can all converse and agree on all issues, now! This is the Ultimate!

Anonymous said...

So much for journalistic integrity. It's too bad that there isn't a journalism equivalent to the Hippocratic Oath. First, do no harm.

It's almost as if there's a Hypocrite Oath that must be taken to qualify for a journalism job these days. First, do what you're told.

Zorro said...

There are as ignorant to our Patriot success as Finch and Olsen are who run the Peace Alliance of the Lower Shore ....Long Live PRESIDENT TRUMP + THE 2ND AMENDMENT

Anonymous said...

Not only that, there's virtually no chance he can be re-elected in 2024! /sarc