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Friday, November 25, 2016

Soros-Funded Group Pushing ‘Sanctuary Campus’ Anti-Trump Protests

An organization that has received funding from liberal billionaire George Soros is pushing anti-Donald Trump student protests that call for sanctuary campuses to protect undocumented students.

Thousands of students at more than 80 college campuses have participated in “sanctuary campus” protests, CBS News reported. Students have signed petitions and walked out of classes at their universities “in support of undocumented classmates.”

The protests are billed as though they are being organized by students at the grassroots level, but in fact a D.C.-based immigration activist group is behind them.

United We Dream is the “largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation,” composed of over 100,000 immigrant youth and 55 affiliate organizations in 26 states, according to its website. The group seeks to “organize and advocate for the dignity and fair treatment of immigrant youth and families, regardless of immigration status.”

The group issued a “state of resilience and urgency for immigrants” on Nov. 9, the day after Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

“The most contentious election in a generation is over. Across the country, immigrant youth in orange shirts, and backed by the strength of their convictions, faced the racism of Trump head on in a fight for their lives,” the press release stated.

“Immigrants are declaring a state of urgency and resilience. Over the coming weeks, our families and community members will need to tap into the incredible strength that brought us to this country and which we use to survive,” said Cristina Jimenez, the executive director and co-founder of United We Dream.

“This is a time to mobilize in every city state across our country,” Jimenez later added in the release. “We calling on all people to take action to demand that their mayors and governors declare their cities and states as spaces of safety.”

United We Dream has received tens of thousands of dollars from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

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Anonymous said...

When was it that so many of our children were poisoned to believe that everything is out to get them? And who did the poisoning?

Anonymous said...

That's right snowflakes, keep walking out of classes which you paid (or received grants/loans) and then FAIL that class. College (which is a business) won't care at all. Supply/demand dictates others will fill your spot when you are sent packing. Not to smart when you are no longer on campus, at home (if you still have a home), without an education. Start practicing this phrase: "Would you like fries with that?"

And you dare think your generation can make a difference? George S will NOT be around forever!

Anonymous said...

The law is the law , Trump will enforce the laws that have been put aside by obama and his marxist communist people.

Anonymous said...

Isn't time someone arrested this guy for inciting disruptions as he has done with black lives matter?

Anonymous said...

WE sure hope he funds those schools once TRUMP pulls the Federal Funding!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As long as the Democratic Party let Soros' lead and command them with all the hate he spews and pays for, they will never be united again. This man is pure EVIL!! The kids of today are being brainwashed into believing all these lies.