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Monday, November 03, 2014

Probe of FBI Agent Leads To Release Of Convicted Drug Dealers From Prison

An investigation into possible misconduct by an FBI agent has forced authorities to quietly release at least a dozen convicts serving prison sentences for distributing drugs in the District and its suburbs, according to law enforcement officials, court documents and defense attorneys.

In addition, several suspects awaiting trial on drug charges and a man convicted but not yet sentenced have also been freed. Officials said more cases­ that could involve the agent are under scrutiny, including one involving 21 defendants.

None of the suspects or felons have had their charges dropped or convictions overturned. Most are on home detention in what many of their attorneys describe as a holding pattern, awaiting the outcome of the investigation into the agent, who was assigned to a D.C. police task force.



lmclain said...

no! An FBI cop lied?!! can't be true.....cops never lie and no one goes to prison or jail over their lies....and no cop is EVER charged with perjury, false statements, obstruction of justice, or a number of other crimes "we, the people" would get for the same BS.....
Keep cheering....

Anonymous said...

Where was Holder during this fiasco? To busy race baiting perhaps.