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Monday, November 03, 2014

Dirty tricks show how Brown would govern if elected

In re-reading your less-than-enthusiastic endorsement of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown for governor, I was shocked by your claim that "Mr. Brown is well versed in all aspects of state government," coming as it did after an earlier passage in which you pointed out "the strikingly dishonest campaign he has run" ("Brown for governor," Oct. 25).

As a supporter Larry Hogan for governor, I strongly urge Democrats to really look into the mirror and ask themselves a simple question: Do you really want someone as dishonest and desperate as Mr. Brown leading our state?

If the answer is no, cross over and vote for Mr. Hogan — or simply write in anyone else worthy of your vote. The dirty tactics employed by the Brown campaign are indicative of how he would run the state. We deserve better than that.

Glenn E. Peacher, Abingdon

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