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Monday, November 03, 2014

Well-financed Democrat Lies Won’t Confuse Blacks This Time

Some call the fear and hate ad campaigns being orchestrated by Democratic Party supporters to boost black turnout in next Tuesday’s congressional elections desperation.

I call it pathetic.

The way for a Party to get support is to deliver success. When there is no record of success, lies, distortion, and fear become the operative tools, in hope that uninformed voters will buy the garbage.

Black voters are becoming more politically engaged than ever, which means they are also becoming more politically informed than ever. This is why the sick ads being run on behalf of Democrats in battleground states, designed not to inform but to provoke fear in black voters, are likely to backfire

A flyer being distributed by Georgia’s Democratic Party shows two dark-skinned black children holding a sign saying “Don’t Shoot,” suggesting that somehow voting for Democrat candidate Michelle Nunn will stop a tragedy in Georgia, like the recent shooting of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by a police officer.

Or an ad in North Carolina suggesting that a vote for Democrat Kay Hagan will prevent President Obama from being impeached.

Another in Arkansas shows pictures of blacks in distress and suggests that conservatives are out to strip blacks of their rights and protections under the law.



Anonymous said...

If I lived in North Klinky and saw an ad stating that a vote for Kay Hagan will prevent President Obama from being impeached, I would immediately switch my vote for her Opponent!

Has anyone prospered in his last 6 years of lying?

Anonymous said...

lmao, they are so stupid they will believe anything they are told! hence they vote democrat every time!