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Monday, November 03, 2014



Anonymous said...

I always laugh when I see another person explain that freedom "aint" free.

The definition of freedom must include in it the fact that its origins are in fact free.

Freedom by definition is free.

If it doesn't come freely, then it is not true freedom.

Freedom has our Creator as its origins. He gives us freedom. He is the definition of our free state of existence.

Anything that is "won" in "battle" (with bloodshed) is by definition: NOT free.

Warfare is UN-Free.
Death is the wages of sin - UN-Free.

Live free, or die.

Anonymous said...

Caesar gives and Caesar takes away.

Nothing that comes from the government is free. Ever.

Anonymous said...

When a soldier dies for his family or friends, it is said that, he gave his life.

He paid a price.

Freedom is not related to soldiering in the least.

The soldier dies so that our form of governance can continue. Government is never free. Anything that comes from our government comes at a price.

We all know that!