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Monday, November 03, 2014

Mathias not telling the truth

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Jim Mathias stated he did not raise taxes but he is just not telling the truth:

The following votes have devasted our local economy and are the primary reason why the Eastern Shore has the highest unemployment rate of any region in Maryland.
Chart .5
General Assembly
mike  Hogan


Anonymous said...

jim is a tax a holic

Anonymous said...

Forward this to everyone you know. We can not afford another 4 yrs. of Mathias, Conway, Brown

Anonymous said...

If Jim Mathias wins, you can bet he will sell out Wicomico just like he has sold out Somerset and the Worcester Coastline. I am talking about industrial wind turbines. Jim Mathias has worked hand in hand with Pioneer Green and the O'Malley administration to place the Great Bay Wind project in Somerset County even though it is not being done safely. The electricity from the turbines off Ocean City's beaches will cost 6 times more than we currently pay. Plus the tourist will now get a front row seat to the bird killing machines.

Anonymous said...

The voters will be forgotten about as soon as they win.