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Monday, November 03, 2014

One Final Push! A Message from Delegate Mike McDermott

Dear Friends,

Early Voting is behind us and the results are encouraging statewide for a change in Maryland. The same holds true for our race to take back the District 38 Senate seat here on the lower shore, but

I need your help to finish this race.

The Democratic machine has dumped half a million dollars in an effort to buy our Senate seat. Jim Mathias has been their pawn in Annapolis and he has shown that he will lie to the public and say anything to keep (what he believes to be) “his” seat. This has included outrageous lies about me “voting myself a raise” when I was the Mayor of Pocomoke City (the Mayor has no vote).

This has been refuted and shown to be totally false, but Mathias keeps saying the lie in hopes that it will stick. He also continues to tell folks he has not voted for any tax increases or spending increases when the record shows he is guilty as charged 37 times and over $10 billion worth of lies!

I need your help for one last mailer. We need to raise an additional $10,000 in order to accomplish this mission. You are my witnesses: I have not come to you with emails asking for donations. I am asking now, one time, for your help to push us over the finish line.

Today, you can respond immediately online by going to my website, and making a donation with a credit or debit card. You can also send a check and simply let us know by email how much you commit to sending.

Do not hold back any amount because you think it is too small to give. This campaign has always been about the day of small beginnings. Goliath is facing us on the battlefield and I am looking for one smooth stone to place in the sling. Will you help?

God Bless you and keep you and your families. This has been a long, arduous campaign on all of us. You have fought a good fight. Now, draw yourself up, and finish the race that is before you today!

Give what you can!
Speak to someone today about the race!
Sign wave with others!
Help where you are able!

Let’s leave it all out there until November 4th so we will have no regrets on November 5th!


Mike McDermott
Citizens to Elect Mike McDermott
217 Walnut St.
Pocomoke City, MD 21851

Sunday Night Update

Dear Friends,

I cannot thank you enough for your outpouring of support. You made it happen! In just two days we raised the $10,000.00 that we needed for our final mailer.

We had to commit to the mailer by Friday at noon and I felt confident that you would come through...and you did! I could not be prouder of the great folks who have given of their time and treasure to help us with this campaign

I am completely undone by the spirit that is driving you toward victory.

Thank you from the very depths of my heart...Godspeed.

Mike McDermott

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