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Monday, November 03, 2014

After Spending Billions on Green ‘Technology,' Britain Faces Blackouts

Britain may face blackouts this winter, despite having spent an unprecedented amount on green technologies. The National Grid has revealed it is now considering dimming the lights in every home in the country, and may even pay factories to close in order to save electricity.

According to the National Grid’s Winter Outlook report the reason for the shortages is the closure of coal fired power stations. The coal stations were closed in order to meet Britain's green targets and have been replaced with wind turbines that produce a fraction of the power.

This has left the grid with a surplus of just 4.1 percent, the lowest level since 2006/2007. Whilst the grid can cope with that under normal circumstances it does mean that if there is a cold snap the system would run out of power. The solutions being considered include: bribing energy companies to produce more power, paying for factories to shut down and dimming the lights. All but the final option would lead to more price rises for domestic customers.

The report said: “In the unlikely event that the amount of generation does not meet the amount of demand for a period of time, there are a number of enduring mitigating actions that National Grid can take.”



Anonymous said...

The same thing will happen here if Obama and the Democrats have their way with coal fired power plants.

Anonymous said...

Wind turbines can never relied on for power.