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Friday, November 02, 2012

The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy In Crisfield Part 8

As you enter Crisfield it is immediately evident there's a problem. When you see the Police Department roof replaced with a plastic sheet, there's a problem. I was told the roof was one of the first things to go just as soon as the storm hit Crisfield. Meaning everything inside was soaked for days and destroyed.

I want to add a few things to my original Post earlier today. While FEMA did a drive by yesterday, keep in mind that very few people have taken their things and placed them outside their homes yet. To go through Crisfield right now you just can't see or feel the impact until you've gone into these homes like I did yesterday.

Think about it. They're afraid someone will steal their personal things. Right now they are hoping, can we save the couch. Can we save the frig. If they are evacuated, where do they put their valuables? They don't want to leave because they're hopeless right now, at least in their eyes.

They have no vehicles to relocate their things. I could go on and on but I think your starting to get the point.

Please, take the time this weekend to help in any way you possibly can. God will reward you some day.


Anonymous said...

Imagine work monday through friday (shift work, same schedule every week. You work for a fortune 500 company whose CEO made over 8mm in just bonus last year. Your workplace location is hit with devastating effects of a hurricane, wind and flooding. Your workplace loses power and shuts down on the day of the hurricane event. The workplace stays shut down for production for 3 days. No problem you think, employee handbook says in the case of natural desasters you will be paid for up to 3 days. Thank god because my home is under water, I have had no power at home for the past 5 days, most of my belongings including my vehicle are now ruined by the damages caused by hurricane......and then the company renegs on the 3 days pay provided by the handbook claiming the days shut down were "unscheduled" work days. Now I have no place to stay at the moment, no car, no heat, no water, kids are hungry tired and cold, hole in roof, most of our possessions are ruined AND......Sherwin Williams will not honor the benefits promised to me in writing when I took the job with a highly respected Fortune 500 company. Isn't that nice?

Anonymous said...

I keep reading about a FEMA drive by.What exactly does that mean?

Anonymous said...

FEMA visits, assesses and either declares area a FEMA disater area or not. In this case Chrisfield was declared to be a FEMA disaster within 30 minutes. Help is on the way.

Anonymous said...

Christopher M Connor has been CEO of Sherwin Williams for 12 years and has been with the company for 29 years. His compensation

Salary $1.22 mil
Bonus $1.51 mil
Other $0.43 mil

Total Compensation $3.16 mil

This is still a great deal of money to the average person, but lets hope and pray all information the commenter heard was as greatly exaggerated as the CEO salary.

Anonymous said...

The compensation is public information as Sherwin Williams is a Public Company. Check the perspectus, youe figures are way low 5:12. Also, why not give the Chrisfield plant a call and speak to anyone that is hourly. This is no joke, this is not exaggerated.

Anonymous said...

Your workplace location is hit with devastating effects of a hurricane, wind and flooding.
3:09 PM

A hurricane was never declared in the state of Maryland.

Good luck on getting 'your' money.

Maryland is pro-business and does not overly care about worker rights.