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Friday, November 02, 2012

Hurricane Sandy vs Katrina

Today I will be publishing a lot of images of the aftermath of hurricane Sandy and how it impacted Crisfield, Maryland. However, the pictures, (5 days later) are just a small part of what residents there have and are still experiencing.

My biggest concern is, what is the local Media actually telling you. You see, I can't answer that question because I've been busy being involved and I haven't had the time to watch the news.

What I can tell you is, shame on President Obama. Shame on Governor O'Malley and shame on our Public Officials for delaying ANYTHING past the first day.

I can tell you that Crisfield did not have an evacuation plan. I don't care what Officials are telling you, Katrina was a storm in which the entire United States MUST have learned from, yet Crisfield is living proof that we did not.

Public Officials need to admit they made mistakes. Citizens need to think long and hard as to who they choose to cast their vote for in upcoming elections because there is NO excuse for the kind of behavior I personally witnessed yesterday.

Residents lived through horror as the tide just kept coming in. Residents survived the storm, (MANY OF THEM) by riding it out on the counter tops in their kitchens.

I was chosen to assess the largest squadron of Crisfield. The gentlemen I walked with going door to door knew each homeowner personally and it was the worst hit area of Crisfield. Many of these homes had two to three feet of water in their home.

Look at the image above. While it's clear that there's a lot of damage, look closer. Look at the bottom half of the couch and you'll see the water level in this home. These people have NOTHING.

Now, we're six day after the storm and guess what, NONE of these people have been told how to properly take care of their homes after the water damage. Oh, a select few made it to the gym last night but to listen to the Mayor tell them what to do, most of them were still sitting in their homes without power, without their windows open, without fans, without MONEY and certainly without help from FEMA.

As we mentioned yesterday, FEMA did a drive by assessment yesterday. Well no crap, these people need help. My hat is tipped to John Phoebus for taking it upon himself to step up to the plate and organize a relief effort. I can't thank ALL of the Volunteers who stepped up to the plate yesterday who walked these communities to help those Volunteers who will show up today and start fixing the majority of homes in Crisfield.

As mentioned earlier, the gentlemen I spent time with asked their friends if it was OK to allow me to come into their homes and take pictures of the damage. I walked in a LOT of homes Ladies & Gentlemen and what these people are living in is completely inhumane. After walking for a very long period of time we returned to the Gym just in time to watch the Mayor pull every one together.

He stated that he wanted every one to know they are doing their best to get cots so some of these families could come live in the Gym until they figure out what to do. Some Families are already living in a shelter in Princess Anne. One elderly woman sitting there with oxygen said, my home stinks really bad. The Mayor responded, you own your home, right? She replied, yes, He said, you need to call your insurance company and let them handle it. WHAT?

Is the Mayor so out of touch that he doesn't realize many of the residents there can't afford home owners insurance. It clearly seemed as if their only concern was for the people living in section 8 housing to get out of their homes so they can condemn those properties. The rumor being spread yesterday was the local officials wanted the condemn these propertied to get rid of them once and for all. The Mayor denied that.

I can tell you first hand, each home I walked in to was so damp, most of the people had not removed their carpet and furnishing. They have no idea what to do and for the most part there really isn't enough help down there to relieve their suffering.

Today I will provide images five days later. These images are NOTHING compared to the first and second day. I spoke to one Police Officer who told me he was so proud of the Volunteers Firefighters who are paid NOTHING to rescue so many Families from their homes during the storm. I truly wish I had the ability to tell this story where it just breaks your heart as mine was broken yesterday. The devastation is so huge, even personally being there I can't describe it other than to say it is completely overwhelming.

I'm telling you that MOST of the people living and working in Crisfield, Maryland need to be removed from their homes. I also happened to be with a section 8 expert as we walked through these communities and he explained the kind of flooring many of these developments had were designed for this kind of situation and the repairs to these government homes could easily be done and they could be done quickly. The REAL problem is the older homes in Crisfield.

I'll add, many cars were totaled from the storm. Remember Folks, these people, (for the most part) had liability insurance only. They have lost their furniture, carpets, appliances, cars, you name it. Many said they couldn't relocate because they depend on public transportation and where they could be relocated has none. So they're stuck loving in mold infested properties that stink like stale bay water.

If there ever was a time we need to come together as brothers and sisters, as community neighbors, this is the time. Again, I'm not sure what the rest of the Media is saying about Crisfield but let me assure you, first hand, I've been there. I've seen it with my own eyes. I've spoken to many people living through this horrible experience and they need all the help they can get.

These are HUMAN BEINGS first. Every day we sit back and debate who may be right or wrong is another day the elderly are stuck in these homes with no place to go. We're seeing the Main Stream Media talk about New Jersey and New York. Let me assure you, Crisfield Maryland is no different from those other places hit hard by hurricane Sandy. Crisfield just isn't New York or New Jersey, so they will never get the kind of attention and relief they deserve.

A comment came in earlier stating almost the same thing. We need to come together and help our brothers and sisters. We need to thank those Volunteers stepping up to the plate. It's Friday, make plans this weekend to drop EVERYTHING and head to Crisfield with blankets, clothing, water, money, physical help.

If you can't get down there, take the time to write Governor O'Malley. Contact FEMA. Contact your Legislators and tell them to STOP campaigning and DO YOUR JOB!

More to come...


Anonymous said...

Not too mention, commonsense says that one would focus on the areas that have the largest number of people affected. Sorry, but the pop. of Crisfield comes no where near the population of NJ and NY.

JoeAlbero said...

LG1982 has left a new comment on your post "Hurricane Sandy vs Katrina":

So hold up. You've been screaming about Big Gov. needs to stay out your life and people need to take personal responsibility. But now somehow Obama was supposed to personally draft an evacuation plan tailor made for Crisfield? LOL, thanks for pointing out the absolute hypocrisy that you clowns have been spouting for years.

JoeAlbero said...

LG1982, I accidently hit the wrong button on your comment above.

So your saying only democrats deserve to be rescued? Only democrats deserve to be rescued?

Leave it to a liberal to stay off topic and switch the story around. The point is, these people need help, period.

As to your other comment about Crisfield population vs. NY & NJ, are you kidding me? My point is, clearly if you are POOR, they could give a crap. You know why, because the local Media will never get the attention of MY or NJ. As far as Washington is concerned, nothing happened is Crisfield.

Now get off your rear end and head to Crisfield and help these people out.

Anonymous said...

Joe, Been watching the reports on the news about all of the damage. Crisfield has not gotten the attention it deserves for sure. Is there a location where we can drop off needs in Crisfield??

Anonymous said...

Each and every person living in crisfield knows they live on the sea level. When the tide comes in more then usual things get wet. MOVE to higher ground. Not that hard to figure out. Same with New Orleans, You live below sea level in some areas. Common sense says your going to get wet sometimes. Al (Noah)Gore has been calling for global flooding for some time now. Has any body listen? Apparently not.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 10:24, they live there because its all they can afford. Use your head, please.

Anonymous said...

It maybe all they can afford but unfortunately that is the risk you take. The houses that need to be condemned will be and then if they have flood insurance they can rebuild. If not, they will have to find another place to live

I know it's painful, but there is so much government can do. it cannot replace every home for free, every car for free.

My heart goes out to them. We need to provide every temporary assistance we can to meet their needs but with regards to the future it is an un-known

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that it is a community of great people with family roots and a lot of heritage. And, much of our local seafood comes from or through Crisfield.

It's not so easy to just move to higher ground. So you suggest we just abandon the town?

10:24, you need some sensitivity training. Think before you type.

Anonymous said...

I work in Crisfield and I can tell you now many of the families there are extremely poor. I feel very sorry for them and I am saddened by what Hurricane Sandy has done to the community. I worry about the safety of the children living there and how they are handling this big change. I know a lot of the teens down there were really scared whent he storm came because they cannot swim.

As for the comment about moving to higher ground- the only thing that does is protect the individuals...that does not protect the homes and the materials those people do have. So dummy- how could moving to higher ground have helped those families whose inner homes were destroyed?? If you are going to make suggestions like that then think before you speak because that's the dumbest thing you could have said. If we were talking about people dying- then yes...higher ground would be smart. We are simply talking about the only things some people owned getting ruined...especially in a community where poverty is already a concern.

Anonymous said...

10:24 while what you say may sound good in theory it is not practical and in the meantime the lack of a plan and a plan that expedites clean up and relief in the immediate aftermath is what needs to be addressed. This is something that should have been addressed like "yesterday" instead of after the fact.
If anything deserves and needs to be politicized it is this. In the aftermath of Katrina the only thing that got accomplished and/or changed was having pet friendly shelters. The HSUS saw to that by politicizing Katrina every step of the way. It is disingenuous when people say don't politicize a disaster because it is the only sure way to get something changed/accomplished. Take a cue from the HSUS.

Anonymous said...

Why not talk to some of the good folks who work at Sherwin Williams. Those people are being treated like dogs by that company. It's a disgrace.