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Friday, November 02, 2012

Pohanka To MATCH ANY Donation For Hurricane Sandy Victims

Ladies & Gentlemen, Pohanka Automotive will match ANY donation made to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

If you are as fortunate as I am to know Sandy Fitzgerald Angelo, (Owner of Pohanka Automotive Group) you know this is one of the most giving people you'll ever meet. "Paying It Forward" is something the entire Eastern Shore should promote.

The Staff at Pohanka take their own personal time to Pay It Forward because they are simply good people.

If you have any donations, please drop them off at any of the several Pohanka Automotive Group locations on Rt. 13 North in Salisbury.

Pohanka is collecting donations of all kinds for delmarvas hurricane Sandy victims. Clothes, linens, toys, food and monetary donations. 

Pohanka will MATCH any and all donations and distribute all that we collect and raise to the local victims of Huricane Sandy.

877 4 pohanka or online at


Anonymous said...

I've got tons of blankets and cloths that I can donate. Do they need to be new items?

Anonymous said...

Don't need to be new...just clean and in good condition.

Anonymous said...

I love Sandy!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Pohanka!

Anonymous said...

I just donated a ton of clothes to Goodwill a few weeks ago, wish I would've held on to them. I'll take another look around and see if there is anything I can find. Thank you Pohanka for your generosity!

Anonymous said...

4:33, if no clothes, perhaps you can donate a can opener and some cans of tuna fish or canned chicken and some bread.

An instant sandwich is wonderful when you have nothing else and no way to cook. Or a few boxes of Fruit Roll Ups for the kids so they feel like kids again.

Anonymous said...

Will this be for local victims of hurricane Sandy or will it be sent out of area?

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kudos To Pohanka for more than paying it forward. God Bless