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Friday, November 02, 2012

Local Media Ignoring Crisfield

The image above is from one of the Daily Times papers in Somerset County/Crisfield. Folks, I have this paper in my hand and while it is only 8 pages long, there is not one mention, not one picture of ANYTHING storm wise in Crisfield.

Now mind you, this is right in their own back yard and they have ignored the situation. This is Wednesday's paper and this is exactly what I was worried about.


Anonymous said...

seeing the headline in the paper did u post anything about spd solving the murder from last week off college ave

JoeAlbero said...

Anonymous 12:45, of course we did.

Anonymous said...

That's because this paper was finished the weekend before the storm even came. You'll probably notice the ESN doesn't mention the storm either for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

id ignore crisfield too. most of the people are what is wrong with the world in my opinion.