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Friday, November 02, 2012

Good Morning

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I'm going to slow things down a bit this morning for a very good cause. I'll get some regularly scheduled Posts up this morning but then I'm going to break away from the regular schedule as I need to devote my time to the Crisfield articles.

I'm sure once you see why you'll completely understand. After my experience there yesterday I had to take the time to think overnight about how I wanted to handle this situation. Once you read the story you'll completely understand.

Thanks for understanding.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me Joe but I seem to be seeing alot of 'bureaucracy' going on. They have to do a 'preliminary' accessment before accessing, an application for permission to fill out another application, etc.
We hear this time and time again about how disaster areas are held in limbo waiting for funds and reimbusements from the feds.
At the time everyone is outraged but then we forget.
I heard this tidbit from someone the other day. In order for gov'ts to get FEMA reimbusment for the extra hours put in by first responders they have to follow FEMA rules which dictates the shifts. How in the world does some gov't bureaucrat know what shifts our local agencies should be working during times like this?

Anonymous said...

We are heading somewhere on the Red Cross/Salvation Army food wagon this morning, probably back to Crisfield for the third day.

If families helped families, and neighbors helped neighbors as was done when my parents grew up, there would be no need for FEMA.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard this about Crisfield but in NJ people are still stuck in shelters due to the "red tape" of getting them in hotel rooms. This is not acceptable. People cannot go to their flooded out homes, clean up all day then go to a shelter in the evenings. They need a hot shower and a comfortable bed.
Thank God for the Red Cross and other organizations that are getting meals to the people!

Anonymous said...

Different times, different generation, different population levels.