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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What The Heck Is 4K And Should You Spend $25,000 To Get It?

Several manufacturers are showing off so-called 4K technology — which promises TV pictures at four times the top resolution of current HD — at the Consumer Electronics Show, including Sony, which expects to have a 4K projector on the market in a few weeks, for $25,000. Assuming you have $25K burning a hole in your pocket, and a vacant wall in your home theater, should you rush out and buy one?

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Anonymous said...

Is that like the 4g phones, that we can't use on the shore? Nearest 4g signal is Baltimore. People wasting money for 4g phones in this area.

Anonymous said...

We want to sell you a television is is only 4 mm thick but we're not going to tell you that the bracket to hang it on your wall is an ugly 3 inches thick!
Some people are so stupid! What's the point?
It sounds like to me this will be just like Compaq computers. People shouldn't buy those either. When you try to stick too much electronics into a smaller space, you end up with problems from overheating. Ever touch your television once it's been on for a few hours? They get pretty darn warm!
I understand that some people always have to have the latest and the most expensive. I'm certainly not one of those.
I still have an RCA 32 inch, 15 year old television in my living room that works just fine. In fact, the picture is just as good as the 32 inch LCD television in our bedroom, that replaced a 19 inch older one that went up. As long as that television keeps working, we won't be buying another television.