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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pilot Alleges He Was Fired For Putting Safety Ahead Of Profits

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- The Federal Aviation Administration and OSHA are both investigating a locally based charter airline known to cater to some high-profile Washingtonians-government officials, professional athletes and entertainers.

The federal investigation stems from an incident earlier this year in which a pilot with Metropolitan Aviation of Manassas made an emergency landing and was fired soon after.

The pilot filed a complaint with OSHA, which precipitated the two government investigations. He has 24 years of experience as a pilot and is an FAA-licensed aircraft mechanic. Last summer, according to the complaint, he flew four passengers out of Manassas, including Former White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty. The pilot alleges he was fired immediately after for putting safety ahead of profits. It is an allegation Metropolitan Aviation calls unfounded.

"I mean, the whole airplane shook," said the pilot, who asked to remain anonymous.



Anonymous said...

Similar to trucking companies but not as many lives affected as an airliner can be.

Anonymous said...

30+ plus years in aviation. anytime you declare an emergency it brings everyones attention to the situation. Especially the tombstone agency (FAA) They are a joke. ever heard the saying go along to get along? I drive to BWI and only fly southwest. All the other airlines are nothing but a joke, they scam you with every possible fee, cut their employee's wages, use unlicensed mechs to perform the maintenance, outsource their heavy maintenance to places like mexico and china. And the FAA sits by and allows it to happen. Also note any mech in the usa has to take regular drug test and be able to read and write in english. But once the airline takes it maintenance overseas all those rules go out the window! I once reported a case of pencil whipping to a FAA inspector for the Part 121air carrier he was the PMI for.
He told the VP of maintenance for that airline that I reported the pencil whipping. Nothing was ever done about it. Turned out the VP used to be his boss when they both worked for another airline!
I bet you could guess what airline I'm refering to!
Enjoy your next flight!

Anonymous said...

Years ago a Ford Motor accountant assigned a dollar value to a life so they could compare it to a lawsuit,it was cheaper to pay the lawsuits than fix the problem, win win for business and lawyers just a fact a life that's all.

Anonymous said...

Every major company in the world does that or you would never have any products on the market

Anonymous said...

8:28 PM

Do you really believe that?