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Friday, July 28, 2017

Steve Scalise Released from Hospital and Starts Rigorous Rehab

Six weeks after the news of Republicans being the target of a mass shooting on a Alexandria baseball field, Rep. Steve Scalisehas finally been discharged from the hospital.

The Louisiana congressman’s office tweeted a statement stating that he “has made excellent progress in his recovery from a life-threatening gunshot wound…and is now beginning a period of intensive inpatient rehabilitation.”

Scalise was badly injured in a June 17 shooting attack on a group of Republicans by James Hodgkinson, Bernie Sanders supporter and crazed Illinois man who opened fire on them after first asking a fellow congressmen whether they were Democrats of Republicans, as they practiced for the congressional baseball game. Hodgkinson was thankfully taken down by Capitol Police, who were only there as part of the House majority whip’s security detail.


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Anonymous said...

God bless you, man. I hope all the best for you for all your life and may it be a long one. I love you all the way.