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Friday, July 28, 2017

If this package shows up on your doorstep you could be out $140

STETSON HILLS - Imagine going out your front door to find a package addressed to you that you didn't order. Being a moral and ethically-minded person, you write return to sender and give it to the postal service.

But then - three months later - you get a notice from a collection agency saying you owe $139.97 for not returning the package in a timely manner.

What now?

That exact situation happened to a woman in Stetson Hills near Colorado Springs, police say. The woman, a senior citizen, did everything right - she even got the authorities involved.



Anonymous said...

Unsolicited goods are those goods which are sent to someone without being asked those goods to be sent. Sending unsolicited goods in itself is not an offence. However, demanding payment for unsolicited goods is a criminal offence. Consumers can retain unsolicited goods or dispose them as they wish. They are under no obligation to keep them safe or to return them.

When unsolicited goods or services are provided to a person, the person has a right to accept the goods or services as a gift, and is not bound to return the goods or services. Goods or services are not considered to have been solicited unless the recipient specifically requested. Demanding payment for unsolicited goods constitutes an unfair or deceptive act or practice in trade or commerce for the purposes of applying Consumer Protection Act.

Anonymous said...

No one is available to enforce these laws 7:30.Just like untested rape kits and cold case files,and the federal law against smashing a mailbox with a concrete block.All of it is illegal but there are too many cases for too few to enforce.

Anonymous said...

7:30- I totally agree. What package? I didn't receive a package. Tell the collection agency where to go, go on with your life.

8:53- As there is no one to enforce these laws, there is no one to force you to pay. I've dealt with collection agencies in the past and I still have a 800 credit score, it would be higher if I owned a house.