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Friday, July 28, 2017

Berlin spraypaint vandal cases over as some fines paid

At the third violation of probation hearing since the June 2015 conviction of Jordan Denton and Nicholas Bonser last Friday, District Court Judge Gerald Purnell made them an offer: pay the remaining $500 in supervision fees assessed by the state today, and the cases will be closed.

According to the State’s Attorney’s office, Bonser made good on his obligations, but Denton did not. Purnell ordered both cases closed anyway, Deputy State’s Attorney Billy McDermott confirmed on Wednesday.

Denton, Bonser and an unidentified juvenile were arrested in January 2015 after buildings, cars and other public property in Berlin was spray painted with movie quotes, catchphrases and crude drawings.

The damages were estimated to be about $11,000, but the trio was ordered to pay about $8,300 in restitution along with community service and other requirements.

The hearing last Friday, which was first about Denton failing to meet the conditions of her probation by failing required drug testing, was about the $500 the trio had not paid as part of their restitution.



Anonymous said...

How can the judge sleep at night when he lets scum like this go free with minimum penalty. The girl shows no respect and didn't pay her fine. She should be locked up until the drugs are out of her system and she has a real job.

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S holding their feet to the fire! Not!

Anonymous said...

People don't have any respect for the law because the LAW doesn't have any respect for the law.

Anonymous said...

Few judges are activists and decide on emotion not constitution.

Anonymous said...

Purnell should never bee appointed as a judge to start with. Any guesses why he was. I would say what it is but it would not be allowed