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Friday, July 28, 2017

Breaking News: North Korea has launched another ballistic missile

The Pentagon said. It was not yet clear if the test demonstrated new capabilities.

The Pentagon said on Friday that it had detected a ballistic missile launch from North Korea and was assessing the situation.


Anonymous said...

Il is looking for a fight to bring his country out of the Stone Age.

Anonymous said...

Get ready there Jake day looks like you'll actually have to come back to reality, I mean you supposedly already did two previous deployments but I guarantee this one will be a whole different ballgame

Anonymous said...

How many days do you think there will be until war breaks out? Do you think Trump will let this stand?

Anonymous said...

Ok. So NK "might" have an ICBM the "could" reach the east coast of the United States. Right?

So how about we disarm and launch about eight of our ICBM's and drop them right outside this jumped up little dictators palace with the message... "You think your missiles might reach us....well ours can DEFINITELY reach you. Still want to play little man?"

Anonymous said...

I'm with 8:03, and why didn't we just shoot this one down as soon as it was launched? Are we not able to do this? It seems to me we're showing our weakness by not doing this.

Anonymous said...

100% with 8:03!! Why are we sitting back with our arms folded just waiting for this psycho to develop the weapon that will ultimately succeed?
We need a show of force NOW!!!!