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Friday, July 28, 2017

A Viewer Writes: When Is Enough Enough?


More land off the tax roles at over valued prices and less local economic activity. Somewhat surprised Hogan voted for this and a Democrat voted against. This is about 8,000 acres bought since Hogan in office and some 100,000 plus acres since the 1996 Chesapeake sale no surprise we have lost 70% of our pre 1996 saw mill cutting capacity and the corresponding jobs and local money multiplier. What a total waste of tax payers money.


10A. PROGRAM OPEN SPACE STATE SHARE (cont’d) Stump, Brice Neal Conditions: Property will be used as a non-cash match for other acquisitions involving 100% federal funding and will be encumbered by a deed restriction preserving habitat. The restriction will not prevent timber harvesting. See Natural Resources Article 5-904(e). Fund Source: Outdoor Recreation Land Loan of 2017, Chapter 27, Acts of 2016 Program Open Space Stateside Source Code: 17008 Amount: $3,605,200 Somerset Brice Neal Stump Program Open Space - The Nature Conservancy - Approving the purchase of 1,664 acres (Brice Neal Stump). Amount: $3,440,000 actual $3,605,200 the extra is The Nature Conservancy fees??
page 52 file or page 54 pdf

6A DNR/POS Worcester John L. Shockley, Donna B. Shockley, Edgar M. Shockley & Peggy C. Shockley Program Open Space - Buy 280 acres to add to Chesapeake Forest Lands. Amount: $580,000.

9A DNR/POS Dorchester LeCompte Hunt Club, LLC Open space project - Buy 150 acres along Chicamacomico River. Amount: $670,000


Anonymous said...

The restriction will not prevent timber harvesting.

Anonymous said...

We should not allow the government to be in the real estate business , the don't understand anything about property or values of things . They will spend your money because it's not theirs. Why does the government need property ?

Anonymous said...

This is all because of the UN and Agenda 21. It is implemented on the county level all across the country.

Anonymous said...

It's to stop the constant rape of our country's forests, keeping forested land "connected" to adjacent forest land for the preservation of wildlife as in deer hunting. Yes, harvesting is allowed, but not by clear cutting to separate one forest from another.

Selling off this land to developers would allow 100% clear cutting and commercial / residential development and severely impact our wildlife population here on the Shore.

Anonymous said...

7:34 AM is right on the money. The "connections", known as wildlife corridors, are used by many, many wild species, some of which would not survive without the ability to range for grazing, hunting and breeding.