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Friday, July 28, 2017

Little Free Pantry Established By Methodist Church

BERLIN – Members of Bethany United Methodist Church in Berlin dedicated its first Little Free Pantry this week.

Located on the church’s property off Route 611, the wooden structure, named the Bethany Blessing Box, provides a place where community members can both take and donate food and personal care items at their discretion.

Similar in concept to the Little Free Library, the Little Free Pantry offers access to free resources utilizing community support.

Merrie McElrath, a Sunday school teacher at Bethany United Methodist, said she heard about the Little Free Pantry through social media earlier this year and soon approached both the church’s outreach team and committee members to establish a similar operation in the area.

She said alarming statistics on the county’s population fueled her determination to install a community pantry box.


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Anonymous said...

Wow what a very optimistic approach. So much better than loser Day and his Methodist Church members in Hebron trying to peddle their "hope dealers" tee shirts only cost you $12 a piece. I guess the hook is instead of selling you dope their going to sell you hope in Salisbury's drug infested, prostitute laden neighborhoods. Great job guys, sell them some "hope"