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Thursday, June 15, 2017

From President Trump

A special message to the Congressional baseball teams.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr. President, but this was unnecessary for those of us who know the drill.

Anonymous said...

Do you note a bit of irony in this photo? Some of the same elected officials shown in this photo have probably spent time making sure that there are no signs of organized religion allowed anywhere in public America. Officials who have bowed to the altar of political correctness and the left's insatiable desire to erase all indications that this country was formed on a belief in God. Before you call me a revisionist, read the many writings of our founding fathers and then say that they did not believe that God had a place in this nation and its future success. However, when these same officials are endangered by the deteriorated moral values that they have helped to create, one of the first things they do is fall to their knees. This was a horrible tragedy and is worthy of our prayers and well wishes for the victims and their loved ones, and the people who are so morally depraved that they would inflict this type of suffering on their fellow human beings. And, I am glad to see that these officials still know how to pray. However, many of us have always prayed for them and our nation. We do not wait until we are in personal danger to call on God, after denying his place in the public square in order to pander to our voting block. You see, the typical American citizen has been in danger in this country for a long time. We go about our daily lives without the benefit of taxpayer funded protection. Many of us have been saying for a few years now that the constant adversarial rhetoric of our elected leaders was driving our nation into a civil war mentality. However, our leaders, who are somewhat insulated from the street dangers that this has created, have ignored that as a possibility. Now that it has affected them, lets see if they attempt to foster a little more harmony between Americans. I am tired of being represented by a group of people who do not have a clue what their constituents are going through on a daily basis. The only time they feign an interest is when it may garner them more votes or if the consequences they have created affect them directly.

Boy, I sure went off on a rant. Please forgive me. The hypocrisy of this photo just elevated by BP.

Anonymous said...


It's not on public land or during a government hearing. It was not compulsory, nor did anyone have to attend to be part of the game.

So... no violations of anything here. Just Americans being Americans, and raising money for charity!

Anonymous said...

10:31 Thanks Debby Downer 👍🏻