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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Deja Vu?

Funny, how history has a way of repeating itself and the Internet keeps these secrets forever and ever...

Throwback Thursday: 
The article below was published on Salisbury News over two years ago; April 20, 2015.

In light of the announcement today it was more than appropriate to take you back on the wayback machine once again.

It seems while our Mayor has changed, the Modus Operandi hasn't. The Democrat leadership at City Hall still works the same way it has for a long time, yet you wonder why things in Salisbury either stay the same or get worse:

Democrat Club friends and campaign workers that Jim Ireton has hired

Sarah Meyers
Curator of Poplar Hill Mansion
" before working briefly in politics as a Constituent Liaison for State Senator Jim Mathias. She joined the staff at Poplar Hill Mansion in July of 2013." Also helped get Jim Ireton and Laura Mitchell elected.

Ben Rayne (Husband of Sarah Rayne)
NSCC Code enforcement officer
Helped get Jim Ireton and Laura Mitchell elected.

Chris Demone
Mayor's PIO
Democrat Friend that also helped Jim on his campaign.

Julia Glanz
Asst. City Administrator
Democrat friend who worked on Jim Ireton's campaigns.
Democrat Club Board member and now Democrat Central Committee Member

Mayor's Office
If you look at the two positions of Administrator and Asst. City Administrator it clearly states that the Asst. City Administrator is no a menial position. It appears the position is responsible for more than what the City Administrator does.

Tom Stevenson
City Administrator

The City Administrator reports to the Mayor and is responsible for the daily management and administration of city policies and procedures. The City Administrator prepares the annual city budget, supervises special projects, handles complaints from the public, and advises the Mayor and City Council of any problems or concerns.

Julia Glanz
Assistant City Administrator

Under the direction of the City Administrator, the Assistant City Administrator assists in the day-to-day operations of the City of Salisbury government. The Assistant City Administrator coordinates activities of departments; develops and administers policies, programs and projects; serves as the City Administrator’s chief assistant including acting as City Administrator in his/her absence. Additionally, the Assistant City Administrator assists with the development of the annual Capital Improvement Plan and the budget and provides oversight for collaborative partnership organizations for special projects and initiatives. Functioning as Executive Assistant to the Mayor, the Assistant City Administrator also prepares grant applications and may administer grant funded programs.

Chris Demone
Public Information Officer

Under the direction of the Mayor’s Office, the PIO performs comprehensive coordination of all social, print, and digital media for the City to include: Production of press releases, public relations media releases, special brochures and similar material. The PIO is also the point of contact for the public regarding City programs and informational requests.

Here's what gets me the most. Do you hear the Daily Times, WBOC or WMDT giving Ireton a hard time for hiring INEXPERIENCED people in these type of positions, yet they go after County Executive Culver like there's no tomorrow. You just keeep electing people who aren't qualified and watch your taxes continue to go UP while your property values goo DOWN.  


Anonymous said...

There's a certain degree of cronyism in administrations which are spill overs from campaigns, but they are usually people who have a world of experience not newbies who did a grandma's backyard play production expecting to be on Broadway level production experience. This is just too sad.

Anonymous said...

Here's A Quarter Call Someone Who Cares !!!

Rebel Without a Clue said...

I suppose Dr. Chambers did not qualify either.

Anonymous said...

356 you obviously haven't and that's why Salisbury is so screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Even though she's young (somewhat under thirty), Glanz is an exceptionally able individual. Politics aside (all of them), she is a better pick than either Stevenson (overwhelmed by the job without room for adjustment to new ideas) or Chambers (overwhelmed by racial and gender politics and without a fresh idea in her head - there's something unsettling about an 8x10 framed photo of Obama in a local government employee's office when nowhere else in the city or government suite has even a picture of the state's governor -- even more disturbing, hers had the appearance of a shrine). Chambers' firing (she was hired by Barrie Tilghman) was on Ireton's agenda from the start, but he lacked the defensible reason to do it until she jumped the gun on applying for the administrator position. This resulted in a truly histrionic outburst from Ireton, her firing and a court case that cost the city upwards of a quarter million dollars just in settlement costs, not including legal fees.
As much as Tom Stevenson is a good guy and a hard worker, he's not up to the task of changing Salisbury or working under someone who wants to see change. Ireton was happy with the status quo (as he is now as a councilman - it's an inherent quality of laziness, just so you know), and Tilghman was happy as long as her businessman friends (and her husband's) were primed by local government funding and legislation to make a boatload of cash, regardless of how little they would put back into the local economy. Millions were spent on unnecessary developer reimbursements during her three terms, expenditures that have continued to cost taxpayers without significant increased tax revenue, certainly not enough that ten years later those developer gifts are paid off.
For some, mostly, it seems, for other reasons than job competence, Glanz is not the right pick as administrator. But if movement off the shrinking and decaying square that Salisbury has become in the last two decades, then she or someone of her proven organizational caliber is what's needed.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that neat - 4:44 and 4:56 think exactly alike - sounds as if Ms Glanz is the best choice and will do a good job.

Anonymous said...

Tom Stevenson and Julie Glanz what college did they attend and what are their degrees in?

Anonymous said...

Julia has a Master's in public policy or something from SU. Stevenson has no college degree.

Anonymous said...

929 Incorrect. Julia has a Masters in Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution and a Bachelors in Business from Salisbury University.

Anonymous said...

What does Andy have? he was given a money making job. I wonder If Jake thinks all this but kissers will help him out when they are getting paid 3 times what the mayor is for nothing. Andy Kitzrow knows nothing.