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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Quote of the Day

"We do not shed our humanity when we enter this chamber. For all the noise and all the fury, we are one family. These were our brothers and sisters in the line of fire. These were our brothers and sisters who ran into danger and saved countless lives.

"So before this House returns to its business, let's just slow down and reflect, to think about how we're all being tested right now, because we are being tested right now. I ask each of you to join me to resolve to come together, to lift each other up, and to show the country, to show the world, that we are one House, the people's House, united in our humanity. It is that humanity which will win the day, and it always will."

--- Speaker of the House Paul Ryan; June 14, 2017


Anonymous said...

Calm down Mr Ryan.

It was a lone nut job with a gun, and he apparently didn't know how to use it.
The event was a baseball game.
This happens every single day in Chicago and Baltimore but it doesn't involve any of the "elites".

Glad everyone is OK.

But it wasn't the initiation of the next World War or anything.

Anonymous said...

It was once said by someone,
The U.S. will be conquered from
within." It's happening in bits
and pieces !