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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lou Dobbs's take on Deep State & Special Counsel

On tonight's Dobbs Show!


Anonymous said...

Dobbs always has insightful messages. He's a great anchor. It's a shame Fox stuck him on the Business Channel instead of on the main Fox News station. Guess they need a PM draw. He's definitely worth a watch.

Anonymous said...

Until you all get yourselves informed, ignorance will be your constant companion.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they put Dobbs on the business end because it is the better station. I have watched less and less of FOX in the last several years. I won't say Jerry Springer, but some of my favorite shows have gotten similar to The View or The Talk. I get tired of them talking over each other and cut it off. Some of them at noon and Five, all talk at the same time. I don't need it.

Anonymous said...

Cancel cable. Watch the president and all congressional hearings live on YouTube. If someone asked a ridiculous question google the person. Look up prior employment and relationships....Mainstream media is a joke it's all fake... Fox News reporter was reading twitter live and repeating it as coverage. Ridiculous. Just my opinion