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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Muslim Man Shouting 'Allahu Akbar' Throws An Elderly Jewish Woman From A Window To Her Death

French Police Refuse To Call It A Hate Crime.

French police are refusing to call a self-evidently anti-Jewish attack a hate crime, raising questions about France’s disturbing tolerance of Muslim violence. Indeed, the French media appears complicit in a coordinated campaign to downplay the anti-Semitic hallmarks of an April 4 attack, in which a young Muslim man, praising Allah, threw an elderly Jewish woman out of her apartment window.

“Before he threw Sarah Halimi to her death from a window of her third-story apartment in Paris, 27-year-old Kobili Traore called his Jewish neighbor ‘Satan’ and cried out for Allah,” reports The Jerusalem Post. “Years before the attack, Traore called a daughter of his 65-year-old victim, whom he beat savagely before killing, ‘a dirty Jewess,’ the daughter said.”

All evidence points to the fact that Halimi’s brutal murder was motivated by Islamist-inspired anti-Semitism. This was a hate crime against Jews, pure and simple. But French authorities have shied away from labeling the crime as such.

“Prosecutors presented a draft indictment against [Traore] for voluntary manslaughter that contains no mention of the aggravated element of a hate crime,” notes The Jerusalem Post.



Anonymous said...

It wasn't anti-Jewish.

It was anti-the-woman in his arms, who happened to be Jewish.

It was a crime.
Not terror - at least not until the MSM got a hold of the story.

Anonymous said...

I'M glad you were there and could clear this up.

Anonymous said...

Approved by Dems and Obastard.

Anonymous said...

When are the French going to grow a backbone...they put themselves in so many predicaments and everyone else has to help them when crap hits the fan.

Anonymous said...

Having traveled to France and experienced the French people, every time I see terrorist killing them, I silently cheer. This here is just another example of how much of a bunch of assholes they are.