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Monday, May 08, 2017

New President Of The Wicomico County GOP

Good afternoon! As your new President I address you all with the hopes you and all of your families are enjoying good health and prosperity this season!

In saying that I also am reaching out to all of you and asking you help me help build up our great County. We are partnering with The Hebron Fire Department this Summer during their annual carnival. This carnival is crucial for this volunteer unit to pay for equipment to keep portions of Wicomico safe and lives intact. 

I am asking for everyone to pitch in and volunteer for at least one shift at a booth, or a ride whatever the needs of the station requires. Sometimes the stress of such an event takes its toll on a stretched thin Fire Department and they need our help.

An organization such as our is absolutely meaningless unless we support the County in which we reside. Lets stand up and show the community we not only exist but are powerful and strong enough to stand up and be seen!! This message is also directed at our elected officials, I'm talking to all of you too!

As always feel free to contact me personally at 443-880-3603 or at 

There are at least 500 plus members of this page, I'm counting on you to help me make this possible.

Veni Vidi Vici !!
Shawn A. Bradley


Anonymous said...

Why just the Hebron fire company? Let me guess! Mr. Bradley is a member of that fire company?

Anonymous said...

It's funny the GOP would let this man lead them. Shawn is a shoe salesman with barely a 6th grade education.

Anonymous said...

what a joke.

Anonymous said...

He speaks Italian?
Is that a requirement to be the head of GOP?

I never knew it.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I called to volunteer at the carnival & no one returned my call. I assumed they didn't need any more volunteers; therefore, I haven't called & offered since!

Anonymous said...

How many other Non Profit organizations are you going to volunteer to support?