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Monday, May 08, 2017

ATF Investigating After More Than Dozen Firearms Stolen From Del. Shop

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Federal agents are asking for the public’s help after a suspect steals more than a dozen firearms from a Delaware shop.

The ATF is worried they could end up on Baltimore streets.

Authorities say the suspect broke into baker’s hardware in Millsboro, Delaware and stole 13 handguns and a rifle.

The brazen burglary happened early Friday morning, setting off a manhunt across the region.

“The ATF’s number one priority is to keep illegal firearms from winding up in the hands of criminals so that’s our goal today to make sure that we act as quickly as possible,” says ATF Special Agent David Cheplak.

The ATF and National Shooting Sports Foundation are offering a reward of $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest.



Anonymous said...

He's a 6' 175 lb white guy 30 or under,but that's all I can tell from the photo's.

Anonymous said...

I would say he knew the layout of the store, in the first photo he is sheepishly looking right at the camera. He knew what he wanted and where it was. He is no stranger to that store!

Zorro said...

local thugs

Anonymous said...

You watch to many movies.

Anonymous said...

Looks like eric holder and al sharpton ?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Right on 9:03