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Monday, May 08, 2017

Current & Former Employees are now Suing CNN for Racism

There has been much ado - and rightly so - over the goings on at Fox News Channel - sexual harassment, hush money allegedly paid to victims, a string of high-profile resignations (some of which were really firings).

Less in the news is a lawsuit by 13 plaintiffs against Fox, alleging racial discrimination (although CNN covers the store here (but the author writes "Jim Crown" where we're guessing he meant to write "Jim Crow").

Bust even less in the news is a massive lawsuit against CNN. The class-action suit has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since it was first filed in December. Now, some 175 current and former employees have contacted lawyers about going the case.

Only a few publications followed up on the story at the end of April, when the case exploded.

"The lawsuit against CNN, meanwhile, claims the company's Atlanta headquarters is rife with racism," The New York Post wrote on April 27.



Anonymous said...

I believe it. Atlanta black people are very racist. I experienced it first-hand. They are also very aggressive and prone to violence. I was very glad and relieved when I left that area.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the media isn't covering these lawsuits. They cover everything else but. Hypocrites. Quick to point their fingers at everyone else but don't want to own up to their own misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is the same way a white person cannot walk around without being assaulted.

Anonymous said...

If you think that is something new, then you are wrong.
I grew up in Baltimore. I'm 72 now.
In the late 50's, and into the 60's and beyond, no white person in their right mind would venture anywhere near West Baltimore. Ever.
This is nothing new.