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Monday, May 08, 2017

Five Arrested in Two Incidents at Dover Downs Casino

Five men were arrested following two incident at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino on Sunday morning. At approximately 1:58AM, officers working inside the casino as an off-duty assignment, were called to a casino entrance to address three men refusing to leave the property after casino employees denied them entry. The three men became disorderly with Dover Downs employees and the Dover Police Officers working at the casino. When Dover officers attempted to take the men into custody, they all resisted. Rashawn Harris (24), shoved a Dover officer and then attempted to strike a Dover Downs Casino security officer. A Dover officer attempted to deploy a taser to subdue Harris, but it was ineffective. When the officer attempted to take Harris into custody, Elijah Scarboro (22), approached the officer from behind and placed him into a “choke hold”, interfering with his ability to breathe. This officer suffered a significant injury to his hand as a result. Other Dover officers were able to remove Scarboro and take him into custody after a struggle. Ronnell Harris (24) was also arrested in the incident.



Anonymous said...

Lets all guess there nationality ?

Anonymous said...

Nationality? I think you mean ethnicity and that's almost a given.

Anonymous said...

If you open the post to view the subjects, you would not play a guessing game. Couple released and very, very, low bond placed on others. Lord knows I miss the days past when cops were cops and kept peace and order without having to be lawyers. If you don't like that statement than just sit back and let the trash continue to go unleashed.

Ray said...

They were just going into the slots to spend some of their drug money LOL