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Monday, May 08, 2017

Library fines too stressful for Harvard students? What's next for our kids

This week, Harvard University announced that its libraries will be doing away with their traditional 50 cent-per-day late fee on overdue books.

Some might assume Harvard is terminating the fees because the school simply no longer needs the money. After all, the “private” university does receive billions in tax breaks every year.

No, finances had nothing to do with this policy change, which was first noticed by the vigilant folks over at The Harvard Crimson. The sole reason that this (once?) prestigious university is waiving the charge for overdue books is because this practice is just too stressful for students.

That bears repeating: Harvard University students, whom the school hails as the brightest young scholars our nation has to offer, simply cannot and should not have to deal with the stress of overdue book fees.



Anonymous said...

Diapers are next.

Anonymous said...

When you add in the $1a day fines for being totally worthless and stupid..yeh sure

Anonymous said...

Stress in school? How about the 6th Grader that regularly took my lunch money when I was in the 3rd grade? THAT is stress!

Anonymous said...

These kids are either in for a rude awakening or simply will not make it in the real world of life where their are real consequences for bad and poor behavior. Where late fees apply no matter how much you protest and they will not find a safe place at work, other than the commode, for them to run to when a co-worker hurts their precious feelings!

Anonymous said...

This is why they stay with their parents for the remainder of their lives. They find it too stressful to pay interest on the mortgage.

Anonymous said...

Trump needs to take away the snowflakes insu under mommy until 26 .waaaaaaaah

Anonymous said...

Harvard University putting out more snowflakes. When will this stupidity end.