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Monday, May 08, 2017

Tiger Withdraws From 2017 The Players Championship, Calls Out Rory McIlroy!

(ESPN) The PGA is rumored to be launching an investigation into Rory McIlroy over His use of performance enhancing supplements. Tiger Woods stated last week that He thinks the supplements Rory is taking are on par with cheating. Woods, a four-time Augusta National tournament winner, will not play in the 2017 The Players Championship, announcing Friday night that he would be withdrawing from the competition. When asked to elaborate Tiger stated "I want to play but when players like Rory are taking extremely beneficial supplements like Pure Nitro Max – it creates a situation.” Tiger went on to explain his position.

“I know for a fact Rory is using performance enhancing supplements and in my opinion that’s cheating. I know His camp is encouraging Him to continue using Pure Nitro Max as the results have been nothing short of amazing – better focus, more energy, increased hydration and metabolism - how is this fair? Rory's play has improved dramatically lately and I think He can thank Pure Nitro Max for those results.”



Anonymous said...

Well stay home Tiger, you are old new anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's got a nice juicy contract with Pure Nitro Max and won't be needing any prize money from coming in 5th place!

Anonymous said...

Cry baby!!

Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods, over the hill and out of his prime. Lost his momentum when he screwed around. Just couldn't keep it in his pants. Had it all. Now he has half, and earning potential shot. And all he can do now is call out others at the top of their game, and bow out from competition because he is unable to compete with the big boys anymore. Sad ending. I wonder how long it will take him to figure out he is just a has-been?

Anonymous said...

Pretty certain this is a click bait ad to sell this product. A Web search finds no other reference to this accusation, other than this websites reference to it. That and the how to order it at the end of the article leads me to believe you've fallen for fake news.